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Loud Rider

Another good HTML5 game. You are the serious rider, who passes through all levels on his loud motorcycle. Can you get 3 ...


Crazy Bugs

A game with nice graphics and WebGL technology. You have to move the bugs in order to avoid the lines to cross each ...


The Big Fish

The long story of the small fish who wants to be the big fish… Eat smaller fish, avoid bigger. How big will you become?



An awesome Html 5 game in which you have to connect up all the dots, but be careful because you cannot cross one path ...


Newspaper Dude

This is a fun simple HTML5 game in which you have to throw newspapers into peoples houses but be careful not to crash ...



A classic old racing game now written in HTML5. Use your arrows to drive the car and stay on the road and try to get ...


Gif Tower Defense

Another great HTML5 enabled tower defence like game to play just place your towers and see what level you can get up ...



This HTML5 game is a 'tower defence-like game' in which you have to build as many defence towers as possible, so that ...


Weapons n’ Colors

In this puzzle game the goal is to match as many tiles with the same picture so that you get the highest score.


Bumps arcade

This is a fun HTML5 game in which you have to place a ball so that it collects keys, which open a bubble in which other ...


Bubble Reaction

This HTML5 game is a interesting game in which you have to make bubble explode to do so you have to place one explosion ...


coco loco

This HTML5 game is a interesting game with interesting sound effects. The objective is to hit all stars with your ball ...


The Secret of Grisly Manor

This is a HTML5 puzzle game in which you have to solve the mystery of your disappeared grandpa. To do so you have to go ...


Zombie Drop

The objective in this game is to pop crates and tires so that the zombie falls onto the platform with the electric hand ...


Puzzle Dozer

In this HTML5 game you have to move a crate with a dozer but be careful not to run out of fuel before you get the crate ...


Stunt Squirrels

The objective of this game is to place a bomb in a way so that the squirrel gets blown away and flies onto the finish ...


Hobo With a Shotgun

In this shooting game you have to shoot or punch any people who are trying to kill you. This HTML5 game is styled to ...


Apophis 2029

A HTML5 game similar to space invaders. The HTML5 game is black and white. In the game you have to shoot down ...


AMD Space Command

Fun HTML5 game in which you have to shoot down anything floating in space for example astronauts or UFOs. This game was ...


Fortix Online

A super strategy HTML5 game in which you have to collect an orange shield. To do that you have to use your little ...


Far 7

This is a online HTML5 game in which there is a lot to do. Your goal is to destroy other space ships and discover ...



Rawkets is a online shooting multiplayer HTML5 game. In this game you have a space ship and your goal is to destroy as ...



A creative multiplayer HTML5 game in which you can draw pictures with your friends. You have 5 colors to choose from ...



Rumpetroll is a interesting game where you get to swim as a tadpole and chat to other players as you play. You can also ...



A great online tank game which takes advantage of the new HTML5 technology. Control your tank with the arrow keys and ...


Katamari Hack

This is a great hack that takes advantage of CSS3. To perform this hack you have to copy a pice of code which is on the ...


Bert’s Breakdown

Great game in which you have to control your character, Bert. Use your arrow keys to control the direction of Bert and ...


The Hotpot Challenge

Great basketball game written in HTML5 with amazing HTML5 graphics. Try out your basketball skills against time see ...



The well known snooker game now in HTML5. Play online with people all around the world and compare your skills at ...


JS Wars

Great HTML5 game in which you have to shoot down enemy eyes and bombs. Use the arrow keys to navigate your space ship ...

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